About Us


As a little girl, I can remember wandering off to my childhood bedroom a few times a year at age 8 or 9 and spending a few hours rearranging the furniture, pillows, dolls and décor. Little did I appreciate then the joy of making a space feel new with a little creativity! My background is in Public relations, but after my first son was born I decided to take time to raise my little guys. What fun it has been, but wow has it flown by! I have always enjoyed interior design projects and so came House of Envy. My husband and I built our home nearly 6 years ago. We are blessed beyond words to have a comfortable space for our 3 boys to run, play, snuggle, and share life's joys. We hope through House of Envy to pass along tips and tricks to help inspire you to make your home the perfect place for your lifestyle! Whether it's a fun new pillow that brightens your day or the coziest throw for the days you just need to hunker down and snuggle, we hope you enjoy our housespiration!