Tipsy Tuesday: Light Fixture Fun!

A light fixture is one of the easiest ways to bring style and color to a room. I’m a sucker for all things Charleston and southern, so I instantly fell in love with Urban Electric’s Chisholm Hall lantern. Its’ simple elegance and countless finish and color options make it a timeless look and a perfect fit for so many spaces in the home.  Depending on your budget, this beauty is priced upwards of $4,000.

I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon Lantern and Scroll’s John Street lantern. With a price point closer to $650, it also has multiple color and finish options and similar dimensions to the Chisolm Hall! I love the story behind the fixture as well. It was inspired by John Street, a bustling alley way behind King Street and home to many of Charleston’s top restaurants. Both options are stunning - I’m just torn with where to put one now…entry, pantry office, mudroom, baby’s room? So many choices!